Customer Testimonials Stormy On YA Merchandise

Stormy on Ya Merchandise 

Previous loyal supporter jamming in her Boiiing Boiiing hat also coordinated with her Stormy On Ya T-shirt in a red colour  she is even encouraging her friend to check out my merchandise shout out to the Jamaican Massive. 🙂 

stormy on ya merchandise

Her Testimonial – ” This was taken on a Stormy sea, no jokes please. You all need try getting this logo centered while taking a selfie it was definitely a struggle in a Double D Cup. Come order and experience it yourself if you don’t believe me Cecile, give it a go ha ha! I like my red T-Shirt with the flash logo, mi set fi cause a storm, suh unnuh better get outer mi way granny pon speed lol 








Another shout out to this happy supporter this is what I like to see loving his Stormy On Ya T-shirt big up the Wolverhampton Massive 🙂  


His Testimonial – “ I received my t-shirt impressive packaging quick delivery with a cool logo, quality material you did not disappoint. I have recommended you to my friends and family to check out your Merchandise and order their own. Much respect for that  i am gonna send you a  picture shortly I’m a happy customer”. 🙂 

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